Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series

The Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series employs Oce’s DirectPress® technology to deliver high-quality, high-speed black and white printing that doesn’t suffer from banding, striping or steaks. A low fusing temperature means that you can use a wide variety of media, including textured stock and the Océ EnergyLogic technology reduces your carbon footprint. 

A fantastic business printer, high volume printer and Office photocopier printer for an office setting.

Product Description

Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series

Detailed Features

Consistent high-quality printing

Océ DirectPress® technology redefines the way digital printing works. Instead of multiple process steps with many variables, this unique technology delivers a single, digital, consistent process. Which ensures that imaging isn’t dependent on light, static charge, temperature, humidity and developer or toner mixtures.

Ultimately, this means you enjoy highly stable, consistent quality prints without streaks, striping or banding. And as it uses a low fusing temperature, you can use a wide range of media including structured or textured stock. Making Canon’s varioPRINT 110 the perfect production system for a diversity of requirements – year after year.

Intuitive workflow for easy job management

Managing print production workflow is simple with the PRISMAsync controller. The user interface gives you full control over production scheduling. You can configure the operator panel to manage production printing, scanning and copying and advanced job editing. A customised media catalogue ensures perfect media handling across every job. All this increases operator efficiency, reduces operational and training costs, improves productivity and attracts more print volume.

Choose your perfect-fit system

The Canon varioPRINT 110 offers you a diversity of choice to meet your customers’ demands and satisfy your budgetary constraints. Choose a printer or a multifunctional and define your requirements in terms of speed, scanning, paper input, finishing options and workflow support.

“No Ozone” imaging technology

The Canon varioPRINT 110 is designed to lower your environmental impact by reducing consumption of energy and resources. Océ DirectPress technology uses no electrical charging to create the toner image – which means no ozone emission. Furthermore, DirectPress results in no toner waste, with no need for fuser oil or developer. Océ HeatXchange transfers the heat from a printed sheet to one that still needs to be printed which reduces electricity consumption by up to 30%.

Productive performance and high uptime

The Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series offers highly productive speeds of 113 images per minute and automatically adjusts operational requirements to deal with different media weights. As a result you can expect dependable system performance and high print quality under all conditions.



Canon VarioPRINT 140 Series Benefits

  • Océ DirectPress for high quality, consistent prints
  • Up to 113 images per minute
  • Outstanding registration
  • Océ EnergyLogic for low energy consumption
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Unique “No ozone”
  • Document and transaction printing
  • Flexible options for end-to-end production



Canon Varioprint 140 Brochure






Paper Size


Max Print Speed

135 PPM

Approx. Monthly Volume


Max Paper Capacity



Copy, Print, Scan

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