Pioneering Excellence

Cantec Group's journey began as a photocopier dealership. Founded by Executive Chairperson Eadaoin Carrick and CEO Greg Tuohy's parents. Following a merger with Cantec Limerick in 2011, Sales Director, Dara Madden propelled the business to become an industry leader in managed print solutions.

Thriving Amidst Challenges

Across three recessions, two digital revolutions, and a pandemic, our entire portfolio has evolved. This journey has given rise to distinct divisions within the Cantec Group: Cantec, the hardware arm offering managed print, and SmartOffice, the software wing delivering cutting-edge Business Automation Solutions.

Ethos & Culture

Our culture and ethos have remained constant over the years. We stand committed to delivering top-tier solutions and exceptional service based on honesty and transparency. Our locally based service is not only highly responsive but also instilled with a down-to-earth attitude that makes collaborating with us a breeze.

From our seasoned 20-year veterans to our newest team members, the ethos of being easy to work with and fostering a sense of camaraderie is deeply ingrained. It's this unique blend of expertise and approachability that truly sets us apart.

At Cantec, customer care is paramount, always delivered with respect and professionalism. As our business has evolved in line with industry trends, we remain committed to providing the same high level of support our loyal customers have grown used to.

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Synergies & Ambitions

Our evolution as a business has come about by adjusting to a rapidly changing world and the diverse requirements of the organisations we work with. In tandem with our solutions business, SmartOffice, our ambition for the Cantec Group is simple: To become the provider of choice for integrated hardware and software applications, while offering a dynamic service to expand the impact of their company brand.

Cantec’s mission is to simplify the way our customers manage their print process and improve the efficiency and sustainability of their entire print environment. We do this by offering the latest technology within multifunctional devices empowered by the most innovative print management applications and services.

Our aim is to provide the best quality solutions and an outstanding service based on honesty and transparency that is supported by a highly responsive, locally-based service network

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