Easy Ticket Logging and Viewing

One of the key features of our customer portal is the ability to quickly and easily log and view service tickets. When you encounter any issues or need support, our portal allows you to report these incidents promptly. Your portal will already contain all devices allowing you to easily log support tickets to the affected device. This ensures a faster response from our team, reducing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Direct Meter Reading Submissions

Accuracy in billing and efficiency in service delivery are crucial. Our portal facilitates direct submission of meter readings to our ERP. This feature not only simplifies the process for you but also enhances the accuracy of your billing and service records, ensuring you are billed correctly for the services you use.

Comprehensive Equipment Overview

Understanding what equipment you have and managing these assets can be challenging. Our portal provides a detailed view of all equipment under contract. This comprehensive overview allows you to keep track of your print fleet, monitor usage, and plan for future needs more effectively.

Effortless Order Management for Toners

Staying on top of supply needs is vital for uninterrupted operations. Our customer portal makes ordering toners straightforward. View and manage your sales orders for toners directly through the portal, ensuring you never run out of essential supplies.

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Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased Efficiency: Quick ticket logging and viewing streamline your support experience.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Direct meter submissions to our ERP ensure accurate billing.
  • Total Equipment Visibility: Easily track and manage all contracted equipment.
  • Simplified Supply Management: Directly order and manage toner supplies.
  • By integrating these features into a single, user-friendly platform, our customer portal not only enhances your managed print services experience but also saves you valuable time and resources. We're committed to continuously improving our services and this portal is a testament to that commitment.

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