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Digitize your documents using a document scanner supplied by Cantec Group. Changes to how we use, transmit, store, retrieve, share and transfer information has transformed how we manage documents. Other forces such as an increased need for security, quicker access and swifter turnaround coupled with more frequent mobile and remote working structures has raised the level of demand for digitized documents.

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Reduce the Paper You Use

Scanning or emailing information as digital versions mean fewer prints. Much of the information that we process doesn’t need to be printed. Often, we just need to read, match, save or file it away so that we have access to it but don’t need to have a physical copy. Scanned documents reduce your paper usage and lower your paper and printing costs.

Sustainable Scanning versus Pointless Printing

Reduced printing lowers your costs but increases your sustainability score. Better for your pocket and for the planet. The benefits derive not just directly from lower paper and ink usage. The upfront charges of purchasing or leasing standalone printers and copiers and their maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Say Goodbye to Filing Cabinets

All those printed pages need to be stored somewhere and for substantial periods of time to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements. With office space at a premium and soaring rents, every effort should be made to reduce unnecessary wasted space. Saving documents to the cloud negates the need for costly, cumbersome file storage.

Increased Security of Documents 

Securing your valuable data on cloud storage immediately enhances security. Access can be fully controlled as you can determine who may view, share, edit or print information. Encrypted files ensure GDPR compliance and passwords provide added protection for human resources information or business-sensitive documents.

Disaster Prevention

Paper files can be damaged by fire or flood and once gone can never be retrieved. Hard copy documents can be lost, stolen or altered for malicious gain. Digital files are far more secure enabling greater business continuity. Increased traceability and accountability reduce the risk of loss, theft and damage of information.

Increased Flexibility for Remote Work 

The recent pandemic has proven just how vital access to information is for business continuity and how our dependency on printed documents compromised flexibility. The move to remote and mobile work options requires greater flexibility with options to access, locate, share and edit documents when out of the office. Digitized documentation enables quicker access to information for better, more accurate decision making.

Greater options for the Business Automation  Process

The goal for most workflows is for smarter more efficient processes. Digitized documents are the first step to achieve this cloud-based goal. Along the way, improvements to the audit trail, version control and mobile integration that increase your business agility are a bonus.

Streamlined scanning workflows

Our document scanners include streamlined scanning workflows that integrate directly with cloud services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox and Concur. Features such as OCR and searchable PDF enhance your document management search and retrieval capability. The 270 image-per-minute document feeder combined with compact PDF file format makes light work of bulk scanning and greatly reduces your storage requirements. 

Our professional document scanners integrate seamlessly with the business process automation solutions we offer through our SmartOffice division

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Our sales and service teams operate from locations in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, and Mullingar, covering the entire country. In search of new business printers? We'll assign a nearby account manager to understand your needs and provide tailored recommendations. With well-stocked warehouses, quick installations are guaranteed. Support calls are directed to engineers based on location and skillset suitability.


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