Stress-Free Printing Solutions

Whether a multinational corporation or a small rural school, every organisation seeks cost control and enhanced efficiency. Teaming up with Cantec means partnering with seasoned professionals. Our expertise propels your company forward, optimising costs, workflows, and progress through a customised managed print service.

Responsive Support, Anytime, Anywhere

Our nationwide network means we are close to you, no matter where you are in Ireland. When the need arises, we can quickly have a service engineer on site, and we pride ourselves on providing guaranteed response times for all service calls. Our Service Desk resolves up to 60% of all service issues via remote support.

Cut Costs with the Right Solution

Discover the right solution to your individual needs and specific business requirements through our tailored recommendations.

The MERITS of our managed print services (MPS) involve:

Ready to Optimise Your Printing Infrastructure?

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How Does Managed Print Services Work?

Say goodbye to juggling various suppliers for products and services. With our managed print contract, Cantec handles delivery, management, and maintenance of all your print and copy needs. Streamlined and efficient; we're your comprehensive partner.

Streamlined Maintenance, Proactive Support

Cantec offers peace of mind. Our remote monitoring service identifies and resolves issues before your team even notices. Your operations remain smooth and uninterrupted.

Our remote maintenance service prevents minor issues from escalating and addresses significant problems swiftly. Your IT team can focus on critical tasks while we handle printing and copier matters. We stock only top-tier business printers and document.

Comprehensive Service Inclusion

We also service any devices included in your managed print service contract, including the supply of any spare parts that are needed.

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Managed Print Services Benefits

Save Storage Space

No need to maintain a large stock of toner cartridges, as we will deliver what you need, when you need it.

Smart Savings

Our solution intelligently routes print jobs to the most cost-effective printer. For instance, black and white pages are directed to black and white printers.

Greater Security

Our 'Secure Print' service ensures printing occurs only when the user is physically present at the printer, requiring a PIN or swipe card for document retrieval. This security shields sensitive materials like financial records or HR files.

Increased Accountability

Track print activities, who’s printing what and how often. Analyse and gain insights into where your printing expenditure come from.

Greater Convenience

'My Print Anywhere' service allows you to send print jobs to any printer within your building. Whether heading to a meeting upstairs or producing documents for colleagues on different floors, this flexibility enhances your print convenience.

Eliminate Waste

'Secure Print' addresses the issue of uncollected documents by withholding printing until the person is present to get them. Up to 30% of print jobs remain uncollected, resulting in paper and toner wastage. With our system, this figure drops to zero, leading to significant resource and cost savings.

Simplify with Monthly Billing

Our Managed Print Services are delivered to you all for one simple monthly cost.
  1. Variable 'cost per click' rate (CPC)
    Your monthly fees is determined by you printing volume. No additional charges for service call-outs, replacement parts or toners, etc.
  2. Fixed monthly fee
    Covers printing within an agreed quota, including service calls, replacement parts and toner supplies.

We Do More Than Managed Print Services

As Ireland's premier printer supplier, we offer an array of products.

Cantec’s ultimate aim is to assist businesses in achieving streamlined document workflows, offering a comprehensive range of solutions and services.

  • Business printers
  • A3 multifunction printers
  • Office photocopier printers
  • Large format printers
  • Office printers
  • Document scanners
  • High volume printers
Our Services Encompass:
  • Document management systems
  • Printer leasing
  • Secure print solutions

Cantec can help you achieve greater workplace efficiency and savings