The aim of PrinterLogic is to eliminate print servers. It simplifies print queue deployment and easily overcomes the challenges of PrintNightmare, whilst keeping your IT infrastructure secure.

Benefits of PrinterLogic's Built-in Printer Deployment Feature

Network printer deployment to end-user workstations with native Windows tools relied on methods like logon scripts and group policy objects (GPOs). However, these approaches have limitations and may not align with your organisation's security needs. PrinterLogic offers a superior solution for printer deployment that is Simple, Secure, and Seamless. Here's why our approach outperforms traditional GPOs and scripts:

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PrinterLogic consists of three main components:

1. PrinterLogic Administrator

This web-based console enables IT to manage all the printers in your entire organisation from a single screen. On the left, the Administrator screen presents a tree view of your organisation, where you can drill down by country, state or region, building, and floor number to select any particular printer in your fleet. On the right, you can enter or edit any attributes for that printer.

For example, on the General tab, you can enter or edit the printer name, location, add a comment, list an install URL where users can download the driver, check to indicate a colour printer, or check to hide that printer from the PrinterLogic Portal so that no end users can see it. You can use the Port, Drivers / Profiles, Deploy, and Security tabs to configure and manage many other printer settings

2. PrinterLogic Portal

This is a web-based portal that can display optional floor plans you upload, as shown. This portal empowers your end users to quickly find and install printers, without calling the help desk for support.

An end user can access the portal at any time by clicking the icon in the Windows system tray, typing the URL directly into their default browser (, or clicking a link on the company intranet.

Clicking any printer on a floor plan shows that printer’s name, model, location, and an optional field for comments. An end user can simply click any printer icon to install it.

3. PrinterLogic Client

This is a software agent that is deployed to end user Windows or Macintosh workstations, using the provided MSI or PKG automated installation packages.

The Client runs in the background as a service to automatically perform printer management tasks without any user intervention.

These tasks include installing a printer, updating a printer driver, and other printer management tasks.

PrinterLogic’s enterprise printer and driver management solution completely eliminates the need for print servers, delivers centralised print management, and empowers end users to install their own printers with a single click


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