There’s no need to sort through post, print invoices, forward them for approval or match them to the correct purchase orders. SmartOffice’s Accounts Payable System takes your supplier’s invoice from the email sent and processes the invoice directly into your accounts package. Ensuring a structured and intuitive approach to invoice and statement management.

Put an end to lost invoices, data-entry errors, and payment mishaps and enjoy seamless invoice handling with remote approvals and enhanced visibility. Contact us today!

In partnership with our sister company, SmartOffice, we can automate your accounts payable process by:


How can a document management system increase the efficiency of your department? We can configure and customise Therefore to suit just about any departmental process or requirement, leading to streamlined operations, higher customer satisfaction and increased productivity.

Price Check

Monitor invoices for price movements between invoices. Purchase Order Matching can link your PO system to Cantec AP to match the PO with its invoice. The invoice can then be automatically processed.

GRN Matching

Along with PO matching, SmartOffice AP can display and/or auto–process invoices that match with GRNs.

Statement Reconciliation

Reconcile your supplier statement and processed invoices with just one click. Copies of missing invoices will be immediately requested.

Delivery Confirmation

A delivery confirmation can be set up for any invoice. Shortages are automatically sent to your supplier for resolution.

User Friendly Dashboard

Our user friendly dashboard shows you at what stage your invoices are in the approval process.

Invoice Tracking

Invoices within SmartOffice AP that require approval are tracked. Instant clarity of whose approval is required and how long approval is outstanding.

Easier Approval

When manually approving an invoice, the user has access to all necessary information to make the correct decision on that invoice.

Nominal Ledger Coding

Automatic NL coding can be based on any or some of the following: supplier name, line item, PO detail, branch or project coding.

Problem Solving

SmartOffice AP facilitates ongoing checks for a variety of possible issues, and retains the invoice for your review/editing as required.

Store, Search, Retrieve

SmartOffice AP stores all processed invoices for 7 years, and provides an extensive search facility for easy and quick retrieval.

How does SmartOffices's Accounts Payable System work?

Your suppliers email their invoices and statements to your designated SmartOffice Accounts Payable email account.

SmartOffice’s AP system simply extracts the data from invoices to code, process, distribute, approve and store it. Accounts are automatically updated and reconciled with the statement. Any missing invoices are automatically requested and all documents are securely stored.

Automated Invoice Approval Process

With SmartOffice’s Accounts Payable system, you have the ability to set how every invoice is approved before it is uploaded to your accounts package: Choose from a simple approval to a complex multi-approval process.

Approval types

  • Fully Manual Approval
  • Manual Approval after Auto forwarding
  • Multi Approval
  • Auto Approval below an amount
  • Manual Approval after PO match
  • Auto Approval after PO match
  • Auto Approval after GRN match
  • Auto Approval after statement reconciliation

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