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Print Management Services that deliver up to 30% savings, with a local, nationwide support team. We’re the printing heroes you need!

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Our dedicated team ensures that your business benefits from our expertise, no matter your location in Ireland. We're like printing superheroes, ready to swoop in and save the day for your business printing needs!

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Excellence, Born and Bred

Founded by Executive Chairperson Eadaoin Carrick and CEO Greg Tuohy's parents in Waterford in 1994, Cantec Group's journey began as a photocopier dealership. From there, we've grown faster than a rumour at the office watercooler, through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Today, Cantec Group leads the pack in technology solutions.

Partnering with the Best

We've proudly held the title of Canon's Platinum Partner for more than 20 years. Our partnership with Canon ensures you receive top-notch tech solutions, the absolute best in the business.

Canon Business Centre Munster

We’re the first Canon Business Centre in Ireland, (CBC Munster). Combining our local expertise with Canon's award-winning tech, we're like the dynamic duo of the business world. With offices all over the province, make Cantec your go-to for integrated hardware and software solutions.

Ready to Optimise Your Printing Infrastructure?

Find out how Cantec can save you money, time, and stress. Contact us today!

Sitting on Wasted Print?

Most businesses waste up to 3% of their annual revenue each year on unnecessary printing.
In many cases this is due to a poor infrastructure. Cantec is your solution for managed print. Tailored to your budget and precise needs, we restore your control over costs. Quality and high-volume printing remain intact, all under your command.

Reduced Print Costs

We replace excess desktop printers and scanners with networked multifunction devices where needed. This curbs IT troubleshooting time, freeing resources for more strategic tasks.

Unrivalled Support

We operate from a number of locations across Ireland, which means Cantec offers on-site and remote support for printers, copiers, and scanning devices. Our dedicated commitment to exceptional service has earned us 'Customer Service Excellence' accolades.

GDPR Regulation

Navigate General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Cantec. This regulation states that every organisation must demonstrate the measures they have taken to protect data.

We prepare your business by fortifying data security for printed, stored, and scanned documents. A staggering 70% of Irish businesses faced print-related data breaches, as reported by Gartner. Choose Cantec for data protection assurance.

Sustainable Impact

Reduce your environmental impact by using energy efficient devices and eliminating waste. Process automation and digital transformation initiatives are often as much about sustainability as they are efficiency.

Cloud Printing with uniFLOW

UniFLOW is tailor-made for businesses of all sizes. This secure cloud-based print management software handles all your print and scan needs in one place, plus it's eco-friendly – perfect for businesses that want to save the planet while saving money.


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