Cantec Group


The Cantec Group is a technology provider that was established in Waterford in 1994 as a photocopier dealership by the parents of executive chairperson Eadaoin Carrick and CEO, Greg Tuohy. The business has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions over the years to become an industry leader in technology solutions. 


While our business has transformed completely since the early days in line with industry trends, our company ethos and values have remained the same. We provide the best quality solutions that are backed up by a highly responsive, locally based support network. Honesty, transparency and professionalism are the principles on which our customer service is based. These customer centric values are instilled in all our team, from the 20-year veterans to the newest recruits.  


Our vision is to be the most innovative provider of integrated hardware and software solutions to our client base. We aim to do this through sustainable practises while creating an efficient and enjoyable work environment. Our mission is to inspire our people and our customers to be the best they can be, by simplifying the way they work.

The dynamic evolution of our business resulted in the emergence of two companies within the group. These two companies are separate entities but are intrinsically linked and provide substantial cross over of service and support.

Managed Print Services

Docutec is Ireland’s leading provider of managed print services to all sectors of Irish business, from the smallest rural national school with two teachers, to the busiest multinational manufacturing firm and everything in between. Our direct, customer centric approach focuses on offering the most technologically advanced solutions with the simplest user experience. Maintaining our locally based, highly responsive support structure enables quick and efficient resolution of concerns. Our relationship with Canon, that spans over three decades, has enabled us to become their largest Platinum Partner in Ireland and ensures that we offer true value for one of the world’s premium brands.

Software Automation Solutions

SmartOffice Automation was established in Cork when Paul Martin and Paul Towler created a company to provide clarity around a vast array of new technologies. SmartOffice evolved into a leading provider of business process automation and custom solution development. SmartOffice, now part of the Cantec Group, creates and implements software automation solutions for a variety of processes, including accounts payable, document and information management, and more. In a rapidly changing work environment, we assist businesses in their digital transformation and help people work smarter through intelligent automation. 


Our evolution as a business has come about by recognising and adjusting to an ever-changing world and the diverse requirement of the organisations we work with. The two divisions have emerged from an understanding that each entity has its own individual focus and stands alone providing unique services to our client base. There are, however, powerful synergies between the two divisions in the seamless integration between hardware and software solutions. This provides the inspiration for our team who thrive on understanding the needs of our customers and finding the perfect solutions from across the divisions.